mani admin plugin ?


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Est-il normal de devoir à chaque fois télécharger le "mani admin plugin ?"

A chaque connexion à un serveur, j'ai le message "downloading materials mani_admin_plugin" et il faut bien 50 à 70 secondes pour qu'il se charge. Est-ce normal, sinon existe-t-il un moyen de contourner le problème ?

Merci d'avance.

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meme quand on change de map il le refait je vais t'enter un truc[/quotemsg]

desactive avec // dans texturelist.txt

"download" puis les deux lignes "matérials/prites"



// List textures to be available for custom effects via ma_effect

// The first label is the name you use within the ma_effect command to reference

// the sprite texture, the second is the location of the sprite itself withing /hl2/materials/

// You can view the sprites from the Valve Hammer Editor.

// "lightning" "sprites/lgtning.vmt"

// "smoke" "sprites/steam1.vmt"

// "blueglow" "sprites/blueglow1.vmt"

// "crystalbeam" "sprites/crystal_beam1.vmt"

// "rib" "models/gibs/hgibs_rib.mdl"

// "scapula" "models/gibs/hgibs_scapula.mdl"

// "spine" "models/gibs/hgibs_spine.mdl"

// "skull1" "models/gibs/hgibs.mdl"

ICI //"downloads"


// Add your auto downloads here, each player will be forced

// to download this content


// "my_vmtfile.vmt" //"materials/sprites/custom/mani_admin_plugin/mani_logo.vmt"

// "my_vtffile.vtf" //"materials/sprites/custom/mani_admin_plugin/mani_logo.vtf"



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