Steam : moins de bugs, meilleures performances Vulkan sous AMD

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Vendredi, une mise à jour plutôt conséquente est venue corriger plusieurs bugs pour Steam. Parmi les problèmes, ont été notamment supprimés ceux liés à l'absence du Workshop quand un jeu était désinstallé puis réinstallé ou encore à un crash (rare) lorsque les fenêtres étaient redimensionnées. Les performances des utilisateurs de Vulkan couplé avec du matériel AMD devraient également s'améliorer. Toujours côté Vulkan, le streaming d'applications qui l'utilisent est amélioré (meilleures performances, moins de latence). Le changelog complet, en anglais, est repris ci-dessous.


Changelog complet de la mise à jour pour Steam du vendredi 10 juin 2016


  • Fixed issues where the download rate could display an unreasonably large number
  • Fixed missing Workshop content when a game is uninstalled and then reinstalled
  • Fixed a rare crash when resizing windows 
  • Fixed several issues with line-wrapping inside of text entry boxes
  • Added a short idle-timer to the Client Update dialog box so that future updates will not pop up while you are in the middle of typing

In-Game Overlay

  • Fixed performance issues with when running Vulkan applications on AMD hardware
  • Fixed a crash/reset when attempting to select a local file for upload to a web page

Big Picture

  • Fixed unexpected navigation caused by throttle-like joystick inputs that are not centered at zero
  • Removed an erroneous prompt to opt into the client Beta under some circumstances

Mac OS X

  • Improved UI responsiveness when typing text in large chat windows
  • Fixed a bug where the In-Game Overlay could be the wrong size in Retina-aware games

Linux / SteamOS

  • Fixed a case where the incorrect cursor could be displayed after hiding the In-Game Overlay
  • Fixed client not being able to launch if the Steam Runtime was disabled by the user

Steam Controller

  • Improved responsiveness when saving new controller configurations, especially for newly-released games
  • Fixed a possible crash when streaming to the Steam Link 
  • Fixed several issues related to DOOM (2016), including Steam Link compatibility

Steam VR

  • Added initial support for viewing stereo screenshots in VR
  • Added warning messages when launching VR games with incompatible headsets
  • Added a per-game setting that allows non-Steam games to show in the VR library
  • Fixed an issue causing the foreground application to quit when the Desktop tab is selected in the VR dashboard.
  • Fixed the "Use Desktop Game Theater" setting not working for non-Steam games

In-Home Streaming

  • Fixed a common cause of Steam crashing on the host computer while streaming
  • Improved performance and reduced latency when streaming Vulkan applications

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