Petits fixes et gros patch pour Snowycoast


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Tiens, cela faisait longtemps, la dernière mise à jour datant quand même de l'année dernière... *Achivement unlocked - Blague de merde de la nouvelle année* Enfin bref... La mise à jour pour Team Fortress 2 déployée il y a quelques jours n'est pas très folichonne mais apporte avec elle un bon gros patch pour l'excellente map Snowycoast. Dans les grandes lignes : pas mal de changements au niveau du level design pour les deux camps, mais surtout des bugs maps assez embêtants ont été corrigés, comme par exemple des personnages qui se bloquent dans des coins. 


  • Fixed some random client crashes related to memory exhaustion for Mac clients
  • Significantly reduced memory usage on Mac and Linux clients
  • Added LBTF2 6v6 Season 12 and LBTF2 Highlander Season 3 tournament medals
  • Added the ability to restore festivized weapons via the context menu
  • Fixed an issue causing maps with packed assets to occasionally have pink textures when played on servers using sv_pure
  • Fixed the Australium Minigun and Scattergun materials
  • Fixed objective names in deathnotice HUD using white text when the local player was involved
  • Fixed the Quick-Fix Medi Gun not healing the Medic after switching away from the Medi Gun and back while the charge is draining
  • Updated the models/materials for The Bolted Birdcage, The Scrumpy StrongboxPirate Bandana, The Crone's DomeThe Hat With No Name, The Gaelic Garb (now paintable), and A Well Wrapped Hat (new paint style)
  • Updated The Frenchman's Formals so it can also be equipped by the Scout and added a new paint style
  • Updated the backpack image for the Taunt: Soldier's Requiem
  • Updated the Man Melter(sic) so extinguishing a teammate will return 20 health to the Pyro
  • Updated Mad Milk and Mutated Milk so both grant a 20% cooldown reduction when used to extinguish a burning teammate.
  • Updated the server log entry for kick votes to include the ID of the vote initiator
  • Updated cp_vanguard to fix an exploit related to spawn room doors
  • Updated pl_snowycoast
    • Fixed several unintended perches
    • Fixed being able to damage through the setup gates
    • Added some fences & cover inside BLU's first spawn to reduce spam angles
    • Added an extra resupply in BLU's first spawn and RED's last spawn
    • Moved medium health kit at 1st point back towards BLU's side of choke
    • Changed collision on large railings to allow projectiles
    • Added some cover to the sentry platform inside last
    • Adjusted lighting/detailing at stair to 2nd point low flank to make it more obvious
    • Quonset hut sniper deck raised
    • Spawn locations in RED's first moved further from the door
    • Added windows to main entrance of RED's first spawn
    • Adjusted the narrow fence near RED spawn
    • Prevented building teleporters at the edge of spawn doors
    • Fixed an exploit related to BLU's 2nd forward spawn's entrances
    • Added some logic to prevent players getting stuck when RED's first spawn closes
    • Changed how RED spawn moves players to their last spawn when 2nd is capped (no longer slays & respawns)
    • Replaced dump truck in kennels with crates
    • Door near RED's first spawn now opens as the cart approaches 2nd instead of after capture
    • Switched main exit and window on RED's last spawn
    • Adjusted placement of health and ammo near RED's last spawn
    • Fixed various floating props
    • Fixed some texture alignment issues in the tunnels
    • Fixed spot on last ramp that would keep the cart from rolling back
    • Fixed some smoothing/geometry problems on crates at last
    • Reduced size of kill zone on falling crates during finale
    • Added map menu photos

Changements non répertoriés :

  • Fixed Festive Wrenches not showing the lights in client view.
  • Updated Jarate and Self-Aware Beauty Mark 20% cooldown reduction when used to extinguish a burning teammate from neutral attribute to positive attribute.
  • Updated Flamethrower 20 health restoration when used to extinguish a burning teammate from neutral attribute to positive attribute.
  • Removed Gift Wrap from the Mann Co. Store.
  • Disabled the crafting recipe for the Giftapult.
  • Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents.

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