jai rajouter des son mais personne pe les dl help


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oui il es sur 1 mais il fo cree un fichier pour mettre les son a dl ou pas et ou le placer car moi je l ai mis les nouveau son directement dans sounds admin car j ai lu mais sais en anglais qu il faut cree un fichier sounds_nouveau son .cfg moi je suis un pe pommer avec mani_admin merci a toi si tu pouvais m aider encore une fois sa serais cool merci d avance

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ok desole donc je reformule ma demmende voila sur mon serveur j ai mis des sons pour la fonction sound_admin mais voila je ne sais pas ou les mettres pour que les personnes de ma team les telecharge j ai bien mis mani_sounds_auto_download 1 sur le fichier mani_server mais rien aucun telechargelent ne ce fais donc je voudrais savoir ou mettre les sons pour qu ils puisse les telechargers desoler encore car je me suis pas relu

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// soundlist.txt


// Place all your client commands that you want to

// execute on all players in here


// This file can use aliases.


// Aliases are what is shown in the menu system

// a nice way of presenting the commands.

// Aliases must be enclosed in quotes


// E.G. "Don't just stand there"


// Do not put another quote inside like :-


// "See "Ya" Later"


// You do not have to use aliases but it makes the

// menu's easier to use if you do.



"Waiting For Suspect" admin_plugin/waitingforsuspect.mp3

"Don't just stand there, pick up the gun and shoot it !" admin_plugin/dontjuststandthere.wav

"Who ate all the donuts ?" admin_plugin/donuteater.wav

"Do you smell something ?" admin_plugin/doyousmell.wav

"With my brains and your brawn we'll make an excellent team" admin_plugin/excellentteam.wav

"fireworks" breakout/fireworks.mp3

"Hello" admin_plugin/hellosoft.wav

"Don't ask me" admin_plugin/dontaskme.wav

"Could it get any worse than this ?" admin_plugin/getanyworse.wav

"See ya later" admin_plugin/seeya.wav

"Oh you'll pay, you will definately pay !!" admin_plugin/youwillpay.wav

"Laughing sounds" admin_plugin/laugh.wav

"Move !!" admin_plugin/move.wav

"Good luck out there, you're gonna need it" admin_plugin/goodluck.mp3

"1069er 1069er We got whores in the city, we need backup now, cmon" admin_plugin/whores.wav

"I am the great Cornholio" admin_plugin/cornholio.wav

"aetsch" admin_plugin/aetsch.wav

"attacke" admin_plugin/attacke.mp3

"bludseam" admin_plugin/bludseam%20-%20industrial.mp3

"Momo" admin_plugin/bse.wav

"camper" admin_plugin/camper.wav

"Idiot" admin_plugin/idiotsong.wav

"lalala" admin_plugin/lanana.wav

"goodbadugly" admin_plugin/nm_goodbadugly.mp3

"welcome" admin_plugin/welcome.wav

"firstblood" quake/firstblood.mp3

"humiliation" quake/humiliation.mp3

"multikill" quake/multikill.mp3

"monsterkill" quake/monsterkill.mp3

"ultrakill" quake/ultrakill.mp3

"godlike" quake/godlike.mp3

"headshot" quake/headshot.mp3

"dominating" quake/dominating.mp3

"holyshit" quake/holyshit.mp3

"killingspree" quake/killingspree.mp3

"ludicrouskill" quake/ludicrouskill.mp3

"prepare" quake/prepare.mp3

"rampage" quake/rampage.mp3

"unstoppable" quake/unstoppable.mp3

"wickedsick" quake/wickedsick.mp3

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