La mise à jour de Noël est arrivée sur TF2 !


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Joyeux Smissmas 2017 à toutes et à tous sur Team Fortress 2 ! Cette mise à jour apporte de nouvelles caisses (évidement), de nouveaux objets communautaires, de nouvelles railleries, pas mal de corrections de bugs en tout genre (on notera le changement de capacité de votre inventaire qui passe de 3000 à 2500) et une grande liste d'armes et d'objets avec une nouvelle allure festive !

Faites place au changelog :

Patch 1


  • War Paints can now be used for Mann Co. Trade-Ups
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the Misty Skull unusual effect
  • Fixed a case where it was possible to use the Thermal Thruster twice in one launch
  • Fixed the inspect animation for the Shortstop
  • Fixed the Festive Sandvich not showing the bite mark when eaten
  • Increased the maximum number of backpack slots to 3000 (from 2500)
  • Added the UGC Highlander Season 21, Highlander Season 22, Highlander Season 23, 6v6 Season 23, 6v6 Season 24, 6v6 Season 25, 4v4 Season 10, 4v4 Season 11, and 4v4 Season 12 tournament medals
  • Added Ready Steady Pan Season 3 tournament medals
  • Updated cp_mercenarypark
    • Added a forward spawn for BLU when attacking the final control point
    • Added a connecting stairwell to the mid-structure of the final control point
    • Fixed area portal rendering issues between the first and second control points
  • Updated pd_watergate
    • Respawn times of the teams will change dynamically based on the difference in scores. This should help balance any extreme differences in the team skills/scores.
      • <50% difference in scores: 8s for leading team, 4s for trailing
      • >50% difference in scores: 12s for leading team, 0s for trailing
    • Equal scores: 6s for each team
    • Relocated the player beer pickup counter on the HUD to the lower left, but made it slightly larger
    • Updated the soundscape to have more alien-y sounds in the main areas
    • Adjusted detail in the center and spawn rooms
    • Adjusted clipping around the map

Patch 2

  • Fixed missing sounds for the new taunts
  • Fixed a bug that prevented already-Festivized weapons from drawing their lights
  • Updated materials/model for the Blast Blocker
  • Updated the Heals for Reals medals so they can be painted
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