Le Steam Controller parfaitement compatible pour TF2


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Si, comme moi, vous n'avez rien d'autre à faire de votre vie vous regardez les changelogs lors des mises à jour de vos jeux préférés, la dernière de Team Fortress 2 n'a pas pu vous échapper.

13890018451_6a6fe8d9ca_b.jpgSteam Controller


Elle concerne le Steam Controller (sorti 10 novembre dernier) et ajoute un support complet de celui-ci au jeu comme le montre ce morceau de changelog :

  • Added beta support for Steam Controllers. Use the Steam Big Picture interface to select and configure your preferred controller mapping. Controls operate in one of four modes, automatically selected by the game as needed. You can customize the controller layout for each one independently to suit your taste, or just use the defaults.
    • “In-Game” operates during regular gameplay. Use the left stick to move, and the right trackpad plus gyro to look around.
    • “Menus” turns the right trackpad into a virtual mouse pointer for use in navigating menus (use the triggers to mouse click).
    • “In-Game During Popup” covers popup menus that occur during gameplay, like Spy’s Disguise Kit, Engineer’s Build PDA, and the Taunt menu.
    • “Spectator” is active while spectating and before respawn.

Notre test des Steam Hardware devrait d'ailleurs arriver prochainement.

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