Patch, soldes et fix pour Team Fortress 2


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de Steam ont enfin commencé et votre porte-monnaie n'en peut déjà plus ? C'est dommage,
ou pas,
car les soldes du
Mann Co. Store
viennent de débuter !

Cette nouvelle s'accompagne d'une petite mise à jour. Celle-ci règle, en majeure partie, quelques bugs causés par l'arrivée des maps TF2 sur le Steam Workshop, l'ajout de la caisse Mann Co. de l'été ou encore l'ajout de l'option "Entrée brute", pour les souries sur Mac. Bref, vous l'aurez compris, que de changements en ce beau mois de juin !

Pour le changelog complet, ça se passe un peu plus bas :

  • Mann Co. Store summer sale is on!
  • Updated dedicated server 'status' command to include sv_tags
  • Enabled raw mouse input for Mac clients
  • Added OWL 13 tournament medals
  • Added TF2Connexion Season 15 tournament medals
  • Fixed a client crash related to the HUD
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents
  • Security/crash fixes (thanks to Nathaniel Theis for these reports)
  • Fixed a remote code execution bug and a crash related to malformed custom spray files
  • Added checks to the voice system that prevent loading codecs other than the files that ship with the gamen
  • Updated the Maps Workshop Beta
  • Workshop map names (e.g. workshop/cp_foo.ugc123456) can now be used in the map, changelevel, and nextlevel commands as well as the mapcycle config
  • Allow fuzzy name matching in the map, changelevel, and nextlevel commands as well as the mapcycle config -- e.g. "changelevel dustbowl"
  • Shorthand workshop map names of the form workshop/ (e.g. workshop/123456) will now auto-resolve to the full map name
  • Running tf_workshop_map_sync is no longer necessary, maps will be fetched and updated on demand during level change
  • tf_workshop_map_sync is no longer blocking, and can be used to precache maps in the background
  • Workshop maps are no longer copied to tf/maps/workshop/ by default, instead using the single copy in the steamapps/workshop folder
  • Fixed some cases of embedded resources in workshop maps, such as cubemaps, not being loaded properly
  • Fixed an issue preventing game servers from properly receiving updates to workshop map files
  • Fixed game servers using registered accounts via sv_setsteamaccount not being able to download workshop content
  • Fixed syncing workshop maps prior to the first map load on a dedicated servern
  • Updated in-game workshop import tool
  • Fixed not being able to select the class/other tags for cosmetic items
  • Hide unused buttons when editing an existing workshop entry
  • Fixed text getting truncated when editing items with long descriptionn

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