aidez moi!!

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voila mon probleme,mon pc a buger,je l'ai amener en reparation .

ils mon dis qu'ils ont ete obliges de tout desinstaler pour le remttre en etat.resultat j'ai dut reinstaler half life2 et quand j'ai voulu me reconnecter a steam,celui ci ma demander les info de mon ancien compt!probleme je me souvient que de mon speudo et pas de mon mot de passe!!!j'ai donc suivi les info en cas d'oubli du mot de passe ,mais voila 2 jours ke j'attends leur mail!!

que dois je faire ?attendre ou ....

merci :jap:

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j'ai eu ce ne comprend pas du tout l'anglais! :??:

ca veut dire quoi?merci :jap:

Dear Steam user,

This is an automated message generated by Steam account administration. It is

being sent in response to a query made by a Steam user to discover all account

names associated with a particular CD key.

Steam account name: starshot

You can use the above account name to log in to Steam. If you can't remember

your password, click on the "Retrieve lost account" button on the Steam login



The Steam Support Team

To contact us, email


Note that this email message was sent only to the registered contact email

address of the Steam account named above. No other information was sent to the

user who initiated this request.

For information on Valve's privacy policy, please visit

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