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Cela fait quelques temps que nous n'avions pas eu de nouvelles de No More Room in Hell, un mod à base de co-op, de survie et de zombies pour Half-Life 2. Est-ce pour relancer l'intérêt autour de leur titre suite à la sortie de Steam Greenlight que les développeurs ont décidé de publier la version 1.05 de leur projet ? Peut-être. D'autant plus qu'ils ont soumis leur candidature via la nouvelle fonction de la plateforme de Valve et ont déjà recueilli 29% d'avis positifs, les plaçant quatrième projet le plus soutenu.

Cette nouvelle version peut être obtenue via Desura ou en téléchargeant la version complète depuis notre FTP. Le changelog quant à lui est repris ci-dessous, non-traduit du fait de sa longueur. Parmi les modifications les plus marquantes, notons notamment l'apparition de nouveaux éléments dans le HUD ou encore l'ajout de deux nouvelles cartes.

Télécharger la bêta 1.05 de No More Room In Hell !




[*]New HUD elements: weight based radial selection menu with ammo counts

[*]Ammo carrying capacity is now based on weight

[*]Removed ammo count from indicator

[*]Implemented audible ammo checks

[*]Removed voice command text from chat

[*]Implemented an optional subtitle system in place of the voice command text chat

[*]Backward movement speed reduced

[*]Added a 5% to 10% chance that damage to a zombie can stagger it back with sustained fire

[*]Melee weapons now have a chance to stagger zombies; bladed weapons have a 10% chance of knocking a zombie back with a quick attack (35% for a charged attack) while in comparison, blunt weapons have a 40% chance for quick attacks (and 80% for charged attacks)

[*]Melee weapon quick attacks now use up stamina; how much stamina used is based on the weapon itself (ex: sledgehammers use more strength, while a baseball bat doesn't)

[*]Shoving and melee attacks won't use stamina if they don't hit anything (zombies, the ground, etc.)

[*]Non-kid zombies now have a chance of falling over and reanimating instead of dying if not killed by a headshot

[*]Bullet penetration through zombies for high caliber rifles and pistols

[*]Various tweaks to preexisting stamina values

[*]Added skill shot with pistols - standing still in iron sights for a time will trigger the mode with visual overlay allowing for increased shot damage

[*]Player now has a chance to bleed out when taking damage, causing damage over time and increasing stamina jump cost

[*]Initial FMOD Implementation

[*]Set sv_master_legacy_mode to 0

[*]Delayed navmesh loading: Servers won't take as long to switch maps

[*]Optimized Maglite's dynamic lighting

[*]Fixed various minor bugs, both client and server related

[*]Added an "Advanced" button in the Multiplayer Options tab, allowing for easy toggling of preexisting commands (Toggable ironsights, etc.)

[*]Initial implementation of the following localization files: French, German, Portuguese, Russian

[*]Dead/late joining players can now respawn in the next wave in Survival Mode, regardless if the last 5 zombies in the previous wave were killed in time

[*]Respawning players in Survival Mode will come back in with 50% health

[*]Added holster command (in Keyboard Options)


[*]New main menu background and buttons

[*]Updated HUD radial selection menu design

[*]Added first aid kit (gives 20 HP) and bandages (stops bleeding)

[*]Added bleed out screen vignette

[*]Added M-10 submachine gun

[*]Added Winchester 1892 rifle

[*]Added various mall and biohazard props

[*]Fixed bounding boxes for certain zombie models

[*]Disabled splash screen video

[*]Fixed min/max errors with certain models

[*]Blood pools now form on ground

[*]Updated blood, impact, and explosion effects


[*]New main menu music

[*]New infection audio

[*]New loading music

[*]Added audio files for ammo checking

[*]Added audio for bleeding and bandage use


[*]Added nms_northway by Sotapoika

[*]Added nms_favela by Juniez


[*] Tweaked some props' fade-distances in the dockside to make it run smoother

[*] Cleaned up navmesh

[*] Added extra playerclips

[*] Replaced some func_details with props

[*] Added medkits and bandages in the map

[*] Applied Nodraw to odd faces

[*] Other minor tweaks


[*] Modified layout to optimize some parts of the map

[*] Added bandages and first aid kits

[*] Added Winning Scenario into the map (Survive at least 10 waves and a chopper will arrive)

Voir la fiche de No More Room in Hell

Voir la news enti

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