Correction de bugs pour Team Fortress 2

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Petite mise à jour pour Team Fortress 2. Point de nouveaux skins d'armes, juste une éradication de bugs mineurs, correction de "glitchs" sur les nouvelles maps et mise à jour de l'éditeur Hammer.

Voici le changelog complet :

Mise à jour du 15 juillet

  • Fixed an issue with Unusual Revolvers where the unusual effect would sometimes not disappear when the Spy would feign death, disguise, cloak, etc.
  • Fixed font rendering issues for Mac clients
  • Fixed a case where map textures would fail to load properly in compressed maps (thanks to Egan and Geit for the report and test case)
  • Fixed a case where Campaign Coins weren't displaying the correct stats based on the number of submitted contracts
  • Everyone affected by this bug has received the maximum contract points (including bonus points) for the missing contracts
  • Security/crash fixes (thanks to Nathaniel Theis for these reports)
  • Fixed a crash caused by sending malformed network data to clients and servers
  • Fixed an exploit that could be used to bypass sv_cheats
  • Fixed the Spy-cicle causing a fire-immune bubble to be displayed when the Spy is cloaked
  • Fixed skinned weapons not rendering properly for customers on older shader model 2.0 hardware
  • Fixed speed particles on the Spy not disappearing when cloaking
  • Added ETF2L 6v6 Season 21 tournament medals
  • Added numerical health value to the enemy health display in the freezecam
  • Reloading a weapon can no longer be triggered with '+reload' while the weapon is firing
  • Updated several materials to fix issues caused by mat_picmip
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated maps
  • Fixed an exploit related to the final control point and dropped weapons on Badwater, Barnblitz, Borneo, and Goldrush
  • Fixed incorrect cube maps on Powerhouse
  • Updated maps have been compressed to save space
  • Updated Hammer tools
  • Fixed bspzip requiring a -game parameter while simultaneously not allowing it
  • Fixed bspzip -addfiles improperly handling newlines in some cases
  • Fixed bspzip ignoring excess arguments with no warning
  • Fixed bspzip help text for -extractfiles not indicating that a target directory is required[/item]

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