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Hello Everyone,

I apologise, my French is terrible, so I will stick to English ;-)

I just wanted to let you know about this great Mod we are developing:


About The Mod:

UBCS (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) is a Resident Evil themed mod for Half Life 2. The mod places the player in the shoes of a UBCS member, sent in to Raccoon City to assist the RPD in extermination the Zombies and controlling the spread of the T-Virus. UBCS mod features many locations from the films and the games.

Some of these are:

The Hive Raccoon Police Department

Umbrella Labs

Raccoon City School

Hive Mansion

Raccoon City Streets

...and many more!

Of course, No Resident Evil game/mod would be complete without those zombies - and this mod has lots!! You and your team will often find yourself heavily out numbered, Fighting your way through hordes of zombies as you search key locatons as you desperatly try to find and rescue those still left alive.

Game Modes:

Although UBCS is an online multiplayer mod, it presently offers two different game modes.

Objective Based:

The objective based game mode provides the UBCS team with certian objectives which they must complete in order to win the round. However, while the UBCS team tries to complete their objective(s), they will be facing waves of the undead, lickers, dobermans and many more - all of which are playable characters... While we want to keep most of the mods features as a surprise, we will be releasing bits of information with our monthly updates.


The Containment mode is for all out carnage, the sole objective - for the UBCS team to destroy all the undead, lickers, dobermans, and anything else infected with the T-Virus before they can escape Raccoon City, May the carnage begin!


Raccoon Police Department:

rpd7tn.jpg rpd8tn.jpg rpd9tn.jpg rpd10tn.jpg rpd11tn.jpg

rpd13tn.jpg rpd14tn.jpg rpd15tn.jpg rpd16tn.jpg rpd17tn.jpg

The Hive Loading Bay:

lbay1tn.jpg lbay2tn.jpg lbay3tn.jpg lbay4tn.jpg lbay5tn.jpg

Misc Renders:

knife1tn.jpg virus1tn.jpg grounds1tn.jpg rlauncher1tn.jpg htrain1tn.jpg

Misc Media:


Open Positions:

We also currently have openings for:



Contact Us:

MSN: redspider@fsmail.net

AIM: uksoredspider

Email: info@ubcs-mod.net

Website: http://www.ubcs-mod.net

Mod DB: http://mods.moddb.com/6513/

Best Regards

Red Spider


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