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voila le mail que j'ai recu

Hi one and all..

As you will no doubt notice over the next two or three weeks you will see, and

endless amount of information for 1944 D-Day hitting the forums. We have already

done several interviews with both magazines, sites and community members. But

things are simply starting, as we are soon to release the HL2 mod, the Early

Adopters Kit and potentially make another large announcement.

Expect to see wave after wave of new 1944 Content. We are also running several

comps at the moment, where we are virtually giving away alpha testing positions,

the only way to get one is to be active...

Here is a brief summary of the HL2 Mod System that has currently been


HL2 System




Welcome, I just want to quickly outline what to expect in the first release of

1944 HL2 mod.

We will be delivering 2 maps

* -Brecourt

* -Carentan

While these maps will be relatvely large, there will be a fully simulated world

behind this, units will be entering and exiting the level as is needed. While

this feature will not be evidednt until the AI is fully integrated it is the

core back bone of the system.


Mod Setup and Config


The mod can be setup for 2 systems of play

* -Public

* -Clans

At the start of any game the server will issue a valid rules set to the player,

which it will inspect from time to time. This will ensure that the server knows

if any of the files have been altered.


Mod Premise


(All values discussed are defaults, and can be altered)

The mod is played over 1 hour intervals, at the end of each hour the level is

loaded. Every 5 minutes a brief review of scores is taken, before the gameplay

continues on (Please note this is not a round reset system, but a continuous


The game is won, either by blocking the enemies efforts in securing and

re-enforcing, or by having the most points at the end of the hour.

When you join you can select a team, each team has a number of squads available.

You select a squad and then select your unit. There are quick options with

regards to gear setup but for the most part this is open to the unit to decide

what they want to select.

A squad will usually consist of around 6 members

That squad can have:

* -Any Number of Riflemen

* -Any Number of Submachinegunners

* -1 Machine Gunner

* -1 AntiTank

* -2 Medics

* -1 Radioman

* -1 sniper (German only for certain maps)

* -1 spotter (German only for certain maps)

* -1 Squad Leader

At the start of a game, a squad is filled up. For clan games the option to vote

a squad leader is available. For public games the sqaud leader is automatically

assigned. Then every five minutes this is reviewed and based on points a new

squad leader is assigned.

When you die in a Clan match, you queue outside waiting for the rest of your

squad to die out, or for the opportunity for them to make a call for

re-inforcements at which point your squad may be available to re-enter and link

up with them.

In a public match you are simply queued into the first available squad awaiting



Mod Dynamics


As the mod is always evolving and more in tune with a full battle than a quick 3

minute round or attrition system. A points systemis crucial to evaluating


Points are available for:

-Team Points

-Personal Points

Team points are given for a team doing things correctly together. This can

include defensive actions, offensive actions and obeying orders, or responding

to calls for re-inforcements.

Each map will be setup with several strong points which are of strategic

importance. The sides must hold the core points or push out the enemy.

This can be achieved by giving your squad members orders, for example...

You want to flank an enemy position.

Pushing 0 gets you into command mode when playing as a squad leader.


1 could be the flanking command then you can simply point at location and select

a unit. That unit will now need to flank that position.

Alternatively if the squad leaders need to keep their head down, they can open

up their map (which is a weapon number) review the map and point at locations on

the map giving orders that way.

The map will be positioned by the squad leader on the ground for all members of

the sqaud to see, This is more slow and sluggish than the pointing. Its down to

the squad leader to decide on the best course of action...

The Squad leader can issue orders, and the squad members can issue orders and

requests.It is down to the squad leader to decide how best to act and handle

their squad.

Team Points will increase at varying rates depending on how the squad is handled

and how they work together. Flanking, Covering, Defending, Assualting, Helping

other squads all gain you points, while disobeying orders, dieing, loosing

ground or strong points all loose you points.

On a personal level each unit can gain points by obeying orders, helping other

squad mates, assualting, defending and using initiave. Its a complicated system

that will force teams to work together and punish those players that do not work

as a team or together.

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Euh je sais pas trop mais en me balladant sur leur forum, et vu le travail qu'ils font :

-> screens des "démos technologiques" sur le Source Engine :

- http://www.1944online.com/intel.html

- http://www.1944online.com/reality/RB_1.jpg

- http://www.1944online.com/reality/rb4.jpg

- http://www.1944online.com/reality/u235docks.jpg

- http://www.1944online.com/reality/fi11.jpg

J'ai donc lu ça : http://www.1944online.com/forum/showthread.php?t=269

Ca parle de prix, et des intégrations (grahpiques) des éléments du jeu en fonction des prix.

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