Script ultra rapide

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voile le script le plus rapide, rien ne sera plus rapide:

alias fastweap "weapon_ak47; weapon_aug; weapon_g3sg1; weapon_m249; weapon_m4a1; weapon_m3; weapon_mac10; weapon_mp5navy; weapon_p90; weapon_scout; weapon_sg552; weapon_sg550; weapon_ump45; weapon_tmp; weapon_xm1014; weapon_awp; weapon_galil; weapon_famas"

alias fastpistol "weapon_deagle; weapon_usp; weapon_glock18; weapon_p228; weapon_elite; weapon_fiveseven"

alias fastknife "weapon_knife"

bind "touche1" "fastweap"

bind "touche2" "fastpistol"

bind "touche3" "fastknife"

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