Pack map half-life 2 !!


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Voila un map pack est disponible ici -> <-

Il contient les maps suivantes :

3rooms, alyx_basketball-b2, barney_gulch, bounce, buildingblocks_b1, buildingblocks_b2, cf_mechwars, cityseventeen_com, convex, crossfire2, db_bunker, discarded_garage, discarded_garage_V2, dm_abandoned_factory, dm_arene_kn, dm_assault, dm_backyard, dm_crossfire, dm_crossfire2_b2, dm_datacore_b1, dm_deathbox7b, dm_dustforce, dm_killbox_beta3, dm_rally_b1a, dm_rally_b2, dm_reactor, dm_unrealstation_B1, domino_effect, e3_c17_01, fall, fy_iceworld, fy_race, highway, hl2_lobby2, hl2dm_arena, hl2dm_petrol, killbox2, nm_motel_dm, playground, prison_grav, rocked_arena, sdk_vehicles, sdk_vehicles_b, station, taz_barrel_launcher, temple2, templev1, xenon_engage, xenon_roofrumblev2, zombies.

Il prend 83.9 mo !

Voila Voilou ! :)

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