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Flex DM is a fast paced multiplayer mod that is centered around turrets.

You create a turret by crouching and rolling a grenade (right click)

Each turret has a life span of 3 minutes, or a bullet limit of 300.

Your turrets do not hurt you, and will not shoot at you.

You get credit for your turret's kills.

Version 2.0 additions:

Additions / Features:

3 Different "classes" of grenades.

1. Standard Grenade

2. Turret

3. Hopper

Use X to switch grenade classes when you have your grenade active. Fixed crashing issues and rewrote code.

Main menu fixed. Dedicated server address:

Throw a grenade to create a turret or hopper if that class is selected, roll a grenade to create a turret or hopper where you are standing.

Updated graphics and AI. Turrets live 3 minutes, then dissipate. Turret's base now more stable.

FLEX DM est un mod multijoueur centré sur les tourelles. Vous créez une tourelle en vous accroupissant et jetez une grenade (click droit) chaque tourelle a une durée de 3 minutes, ou une limite de 300 balles. Vos tourelles ne vous blessent pas, et ne le tireront pas sur vous.

Vous gagner du credit en detruisant les tourelles enemies.




site Web: http://www.cityseventeen.com/fl3x/

Lien DirectDL: http://www.cityseventeen.com/fl3x/dl/fl3xdm_20.zip

Dézipper l'archive dans votre dossier /Sourcemods

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