Je l'aurais jamais l'Ubersaw...


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Je comprenais pas pourquoi je ne l'avais pas débloquée, encore, alors que je joue pas mal médic (pas mal dans le sens "souvent", hein ^^ ) et en fait je viens de comprendre...

Mes stats sont bloquées.

Il me reste des succès faciles, genre rejoindre un ami et lui coller l'uber ou encore poser sur un ennemi tué, l'ennui c'est que ça débloque pas les succès et pour couronner le tout, je suis bloqué à 21 alors qu'il en faut 22 pour débloquer l'Ubersaw :D

Bref, une idée ?

Et sinon, en cadeau bonux j'ai dl un petit soft sympa pour visualiser ses stats perso :




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C'est Gabe Newell qui t'a désactivé tes succès sinon j'voit pas désolé :P

"1UP: One thing I've noticed from playing TF2 on the PC is that every time you have a content update, many of the players flock to the one class that gets improved in the update. It's obviously difficult since you're doing only one class at a time. How do you feel about people that cheat the system, hop in the cheat rooms, and complete each new Achievement, one by one?

GN: There are different flavors of cheats. Some of them will get people banned. [For] some of them, we'll get people's Achievements reversed. If people want to get together on a server with their friends to crank out the Achievements, then that's an interesting way to play the game, and as long as they're having fun, they can go ahead and do that! [Laughs] If it gets them to play TF2, to sit in the spawn room with their friends and eat sandwiches -- one of the Heavy Achievements is to eat 100 sandwiches -- then that's fine. I think the community has a good understanding on what a valid way of getting an Achievement is or what is going to get your account banned or Achievements all turned off. I only think we've turned off 13,000 people's Achievements for clearly hacking the system opposed to being really determined to get their Achievements."

EDIT: Merci pour le soft, bien sympa

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